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Ushering in a new age for the global economy.
Creating a level playing field for everyone under the sun.


About the SezChain

SEZCHAIN enables economic parity for nations that desire influence on the global stage.
By becoming a SEZCHAIN consortium member nations aquire strength through unity.


SEZChain facilitates sustainable, scalable success in Special Economic Zones worldwide, incentivizing strong economic infrastructures that meet or exceed global standards, while providing unparalleled transparency and accountability, reducing the cost of operations across industries.


Join the universal effort to modernize our worldwide supply chain infrastructures.
Be heard and drive innovation as a stakeholder in a worldwide business network.


Amplify the potency of your economic zone with vital features which drive accountability, investment, efficiency and inclusion.


Ensure auditability and safeguard against fraud in your supply chains using our state-of-the-art enabling technology.

our Vision

We envision a world whereby underdeveloped nations can have global reach and bootstrap entire economies with a state of the art open software platform. Through SEZChain, we bring validated digital identity, investment, compliance, accountability and access to world markets to the far corners of the globe.

Public User
SEZChain Operating System


Application Programming Interface


Central audit system




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An open API which makes it possible to integrate any application that meets the SEZT standard, even ones that haven't been thought of yet!
Phase I
Ethereum Network


Phase II
Custom Node Network

Central Audit System

Sovereign Authority

The power
of tech

SEZChain is a decentralized software platform powered by distributed ledger technology. Designed to foster investment and trade in Special Economic Zones, SEZChain mitigates human error in legal and business accountability by automating critical processes.

Less Risk
More Freedom

SEZChain streamlines governance by acting as an impartial mediator. Everything from business transactions and records to code enforcement and regulatory measures is automated with distributed ledger technology, reducing workloads and risk for error.

Any member of the community that hold a minimum stake of SEZChain tokens may vote on policies and changes. SEZChain protects the integrity of the voting process by recording selections securely and openly in an immutable fashion.

Upgrade economies
To Business Class

Economies within SEZChain flourish thanks to its two primary modes of transaction: SEZChain tokens (SEZT) and SEZChain Asset tokens. SEZChain is designed to be business friendly; with low transaction fees and zero auditing costs, entrepreneurs can focus less on the minutiae and more on innovation.


SEZChain tokens are utility tokens used for transaction fees and as a way to represent a user’s stake in the system. Tokens are awarded to block producers, while higher quantities are used to fairly distribute voting power among users.

Asset Tokens

Asset tokens allow users to protect real-world assets with the power of distributed ledger technology. Ownership becomes indisputable and transparent, with users enjoying enhanced property rights and increased ease and safety of sales, even across borders.

One Investment
For Global Impact

When you become an early contributor in SEZT, you’re getting more than just first-look access to a revolutionary platform. You’re also becoming a member of a global community consisting of SEZs all over the world and an active participant in cutting-edge businesses and technology start-ups.


Participants that make contributions beyond certain levels can take charge of the next generation of international businesses as a member of the SEZChain Consortium (SEZCo). SEZCo Members are rewarded with exclusive voting rights on specific SEZChain policy changes along with other SEZCo benefits.


SEZCo members are selected from leaders in various industrial, governmental and non-profit organizations. They retain their positions by maintaining a specified amount of SEZChain tokens at all times and adhering to a strict set of rules set forth by the SEZCo.

SEZCo members enjoy enhanced voting rights, determined by the amount of SEZChain Tokens they control. While any staked user may vote on virtually all policies governing a particular Zone, there are certain sections of the constitution governing SEZChain that are immutable so as to protect its integrity.

Token Sale

The SEZChain launch will take place in two major phases:

Phase I

ERC20 tokens are used to represent the stake a particular entity will have within the SEZChain ecosystem.

Phase II

When the SEZChain Node network goes live, staked ERC20 tokens are exchanged for SEZChain tokens (SEZT) and distributed to users.

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Headquartered in Arizona and with international offices in the Philippines, the Stepwyze team has been instrumental in the development of dozens of technology-based products since their inception.

Specializing in decentralized blockchain software solutions and ICO launches, the Stepwyze team regularly consults with leaders in the crypto space to develop next-generation platforms and applications.

SEZChain is the result of decades of combined experience and research into economic planning. It fully embodies the Stepwyze vision: to create usable and transparent solutions that make supply chains and markets significantly more efficient and accessible to everyone.